Homa Maintain Zero Infection in China Coronavirus Rebound

Since May, the epidemic has had a slight rebound in Guangdong, Nanjing and Hunan, China.

Thankfully, we have seen zero infections in Homa. Our HR and general management team has played a crucial part in anti-epidemic implements and maintain smooth industry operation.

Since January, Homa has arranged 4 large-scale testings under the government’s guidelines, totalling 40k nucleic acid tests in the first half of 2021.

To protect our employees, we have kept providing sufficient protective supplies and maintaining daily temperature measurements and defection since February 2020.

Besides, the Homa team has arranged several rounds of vaccination for employees. To date, more than 10000 people in Homa have received at least 1st dose vaccinations. The functional department has reached a vaccination rate of 93.5%.

Until now, Homa has invested 7.1M CNY into anti-epidemic implements.

With remarkable joint efforts taken, all our operation teams stay on track to provide full support at your disposal.