World Water Day

Water is undeniably one of the most valuable resources on our planet, and on this World Water Day, we are reminded of its importance.

At Homa, we understand the significance of this precious resource.

From designing and manufacturing domestic cooling appliances to packaging, we strive to use water efficiently and responsibly.
To reduce water consumption in manufacturing, our ESG committee ignited several projects and is evaluating more measures, such as constantly improving our wastewater recycling.

We know we need to do more! We are conscious and committed to improving our water management practices.

As a company, we have started this journey.
We would be short-sighted to leave out innovations concerning a longer life cycle, better product eco-design, and easier reparability to positively drive a mature and broad sustainability philosophy.

Discover more in our Green Paper and via our CEO Message about Homa sustainability engagements.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with your sales representative or contact us to get your copy.

By valuing water and taking action to manage it sustainably, we can make a difference and preserve this precious resource for generations to come.

So, on this World Water Day, let us all reflect on the value of water and take steps to protect it.

Together, we can ensure that it remains a vital part of our lives and our planet's ecosystem.

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