The Homa Appliances 2020 Positive Results Soon Revealed

We all experienced a challenging year.

The pandemic disrupted markets globally during2020; it has accelerated the underlying trends but has also changed the way of doing business in many sectors; the home appliances sector has been heavily impacted. 

In such a complex context, Homa appliances has proven to be solid and mature.

The results achieved by the company in 2020demonstrate the goodness of the long-term strategy and the consolidated ability of its top management to execute plans: the main financial indicators such as cash flow, ROE, and net profit are all positive.

Homa Appliance will disclose official financial data as soon as the auditors complete the certification process.

Homa Appliances confirms all the investments in its industrial infrastructure it recently announced: 1.2 B CNY over two years allocated to the No-Frost district, the chest freezers cluster and a large-capacity logistics centre.

Located in Zhongshan, China, Homa appliances was incorporated in 2002. It is among the fastest growing and largest worldwide cooling producers.

It has experienced remarkable development and achieved a leading position in cooling appliances exports, with consistent, outstanding performance.

Homa successfully conveyed the idea that it is more than a simple supplier.

Homa is a partner, extending its value proposition by providing innovation-based processes in both products and production, state of the art technology, such as next-generation no frost refrigerators, design advisory, services and marketing support.

This was unheard of in the OEM space and constitutes a giant leap forward, or better, upward.

Looking at Homa, it seems that refrigerator OEM has come a long way since they assembled big, empty white boxes at the lowest possible cost. 

Homa has transformed its operations into a strategic partnership with the world's top consumer brands and private labels. Shifting the business's softcore thereby adding value was the inspired move that made it possible.

The design, innovation, technology, and even essential marketing elements are now part of Homa's unique proposition, making the ODM business an entirely new ballgame.

Homa Appliances is an independent company, part of Homa Holding listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

We inform our partners that the mother company's shareholding structure has been experiencing changes over the last couple of weeks that however have no impact on Homa Appliances management, guidance and strategy.

Homa’s global website ( is the official channel for all upcoming updates. Stay in contact.

Take care.