Embracing Sustainability Together: A Special Report on Homa's Progress in Green Practices

Recently, Homa is reported by DR TV (Demarks Radio), Denmark's largest national radio and television station. The report highlights Chinese important role in world climate strategy, where Michael Yao, CEO of Homa, shares Homa’s sustainable strategy in the interview as a representative of “Made in China”.

As tackling climate change becomes a key priority worldwide, environmental sustainability is at the top of the agenda. China, as a global manufacturing powerhouse, accounting for a large share of carbon emissions, is moving toward the carbon neutrality goals.

Homa, a global manufacturer based in China whose products are serving countless families all around the world like Denmark, starts our journey with a humble aspiration by choosing a sustainable technology roadmap. Today we realise our responsibility to extend our aspiration towards the eco-footprint.

When it comes to our plan to become a more climate-friendly manufacturer, Michael Yao introduces our main strategy to achieve sustainability while maintaining our product competitiveness:

1. We form our ESG committee. The committee is responsible for implementing sustainable strategies, monitoring and evaluating sustainable performance, and communicating sustainable practices with relevant partners.
2. Our sustainability strategy is product-centred. With our large sales volume of nearly 10 million units annually, even small progress on our parts can greatly benefit the environment, so we are committed to developing more energy-efficient, eco-friendly and intelligent refrigerators.
3. We continuously promote a green supply chain. We are trying to work with our suppliers to build a green supply chain system, optimising procurement, production, logistics, sales, and other processes to reduce resource consumption and waste emissions.

By now Homa has the sustainable sense, the working framework, and real practices to achieve our goals. However, the goal cannot be achieved if only by Homa since we will not just pursue the sustainability figure without considering our clients’ interests.
Therefore, we choose to unite our company and our supply chain to make a bigger impact.

“Efficiency is the key word for carbon footprint reduction.”

With years of continuous effort, Homa has achieved some progress to different degrees in the whole product life circle, where efficiency is the key word for us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Take product manufacturing as an example, we have introduced the MES system in our mass customised production system to help achieve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Notably, our energy consumption and carbon emission from manufacturing a single refrigerator are fairly low compared to industry standards, and we continue to make progress in reducing these figures every year.

“This is a cycle when we are driven by the consumers’ demand for eco-friendly refrigerators.”

When producing every piece of product, we always take into account our environmental impact, and the dreams and needs of consumers worldwide. By responding to consumers’ need for sustainability and guiding consumers towards more eco-friendly refrigerators and promoting proper usage, we continue to propel this cycle of innovation and sustainability forward.

As a representative of "Make in China", we are actively pursuing our sustainability goals through tangible measures. In the future, we are determined to unite the power of our clients and the whole supply chain to make bigger progress.

Pictures are extracted from DR TV, 1st June, 2023: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/se/tv-avisen_-regeringen-vil-forlaenge-udskaeldt-tidsfrist_389746
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