New Homa Residential Quarter is Completed in March

New residential quarter for Homa stuff has been completed in March, which is applied to all stuff and even new employees inducting in this early summer.

The new residential quarter is placed just near the latest- built Factory 5. Covering an area of 3.3 acres, the quarter occupies over 3 apartment buildings, which can make over 5500 stuff home with a selection of entertainment facilities like cinema, music hall, dance studio, basketball field and library, etc.

As Homa just got her 4th win in refrigerator export in China, the leading refrigerator manufacturer has a great blueprint for her business development in the next 3 years, of which talent scultivation has been a crucial part. Mr. Hanshifeng, Manager of General Management Department, said that the entertainment facilities will meet the living demand for young talents. It’s believed that the residential quarter can greatly improve living condition in industrial area and attract more talent people to work in Homa.