"CARE & SHARE" IS OUR DNA: Introducing the Homa Paper Projects

In the previous 2021 Homa Fall Event,we promise to develop more No-frost products to embrace the next normalhome-stay lifestyle of good food preservation and bring our sustainable cultureto a whole new level by realising our business impact on the environment.

After thoroughmarket research, we are now introducing:

- Homa’s first White Paper, which covers our ideas about consumer trends, our new research intechnology, and our new product plan, was released in March 2022.

- Homa’s first Green Paper covers our thinking on how tominimise our environmental impact in every aspect of our business, to bereleased in April 2022.

- the Design Magazine, which elaborates on Homa’s designphilosophy and legacy, shares our thinking on product design and design ingeneral, to be released in the first half of 2022.

These publicationswill act as the added value for our global partners, together with ourmeaningful product design, industry-leading production efficiency, andconstantly evolving technology.