DESIGN MAG VOL 3: ‘Must Haves’ for the Living Area Part 1

ph. Salva Lopez

Soft, generous upholstered furniture and, surprisingly, cupboards, were among the undisputed stars of the living area at the latest Salone del Mobile in Milan, along with the most classic furnishing accessories, at least in the Western part of the continent.

The new generation of sofas and armchairs are proof that these products are still at the heart of the living area, designed to welcome and accommodate friends and family as well as letting you enjoy some private moments of comfort and relaxation. These objectives translate into padded, rounded and generous shapes, with sinuous and fluid curves conveying a feeling of extreme pleasure and comfort.

To meet the multiple needs of everyday life and let you to freely compose ever new shapes within the living space, many systems are multifunctional, versatile and modular. The continuous experimentation to conquer space, together with the offer of modules, extensions and furnishing accessories such as ottomans and coffee tables, often integrated within the sofa, make for infinite variations that subvert the traditional layout.


The Tokio collection, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, features a series of rounded elements, and new curved seats, to which a backrest was added, all available in different depths versions. This provides for additional solutions to extend the sofas’s layout in an open and inviting way. It can be large, curvy sofas or open-angle configurations with a soft, rounded design and generous proportions. These new elements allow for the creation of all imaginable combinations and let you create soft and architectural seating solutions.


The Ralik modular system, designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, is characterised by warm colours and soft, fluid lines. The seats and cushions can be combined in infinite ways, with a vast choice of benches, poufs and fixed or adjustable-height tables.

A distinctive feature of the Ralik collection, the L-shaped legs are made of recycled polypropylene, which makes cleaning easier in addition to giving the modules a sculptural effect.

Thanks to the quick assembly system, which does not require the use of any equipment, it is possible to combine six different seating modules into a variety of arrangements: poufs, seats with backrests and benches, all available in the two-seater or single version. The collection also includes soft cushions to combine with benches to ensure comfort in larger configurations.

Oblong Plus

Twenty years after it was first presented, the Oblong Plus series of upholstered furniture by Jasper Morrison continues to be an eminently contemporary product, the forerunner of the free, disarticulated seats that embodied the concept of relaxed comfort. Today Oblong’s construction system has been revised to provide even greater comfort. A new life for a timeless classic.


Bold lines and generous, welcoming volumes, as well as enticing and elegant aesthetics, characterise Moncloud, the new versatile system signed by Patricia Urquiola. A cozy and inviting retreat in which to live daily moments of sharing and conviviality. The wooden structure raises its padded shapes off the ground, giving it a pleasant lightness and a strong sense of softness, just like a cloud. The curved shapes of the padding are made of recycled PET fibres embracing the back and armrests like a wrap-around duvet. The soft cushions are also made of recycled PET.

Perry Up

A stylish tubular metal base with die-cast aluminium feet supports a soft, minimalist structure with the seat and back cushions upholstered in soft goose down conveying a sense of comfort and welcoming hospitality. It is the Perry Up seating system designed by Antonio Citterio, which concept aims at combining top comfort with perfectly calibrated proportions and fine details. The variety of elements that form the seating system makes for the creation of linear configurations and modular solutions that can be declined in various sizes and finishes.

The Dorothea modular seating system blends natural inspiration with advanced modularity. Andrea Steidl drew inspiration from the similarly named “living stones” cactus. The planar and asymmetric seat is enveloped by a sculptural backrest, serving as the system’s backbone. Thinning towards the centre and increasing in thickness at its ends, it cradles the padded elements, creating a welcoming interplay of gentle curves and defined volumes. These organic shapes, boasting generous proportions, are available in nine modules, including five seats and four backrests of varying sizes. These configurations encourage the creation of intricate and original compositions, transcending the traditional linear modularity.

Cloud Infinity
The Cloud Infinity designed by Castagna is the modular version of the Cloud sofa. The multiple seat modules available let you to create different configurations in shape and size. The upholstery is made of non-deformable polyurethane foam with differentiated density and polyester fibre, while the internal frame is made of wood. It can be combined with a coffee table in mud lacquered wood, also available with tops in different types of marble: natural brush Roman Travertine, Polished Gold Calacatta natural Vagli or brown, brushed Emperador.

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