Design as an Engine of Change: Let's celebrate World Industrial Design Day

World Industrial Design Day is asignificant event for us at Homa, as Design is one of our philosophy'sfundamental pillars.

It's the perfect time to take five minutesto discover our approach and immerse yourself in the Homa Design Manifesto.
At Homa, Design is about creating beautifulobjects and transforming lives and shaping the future.

Our Design Manifesto embodies thecore values and principles that drive our design process.
Webelieve in human-centric Design, placing people at the centre of everythingwe create. Our designs are not just visually appealing; they are intuitive,functional and enhance the everyday experiences of individuals.

Every year on June 29th, we celebrate World Industrial Design Day, a timeto reflect on Design's importance and influence in our daily lives. IndustrialDesign is a creative process that combines aesthetics and functionality tocreate innovative solutions that meet people's needs.

Designpermeates every aspect of our lives, from simple daily actions toground-breaking innovations that transform societies. We are surrounded by it;from the products we use to our environments and the services we enjoy.

Industrial Design can enhance efficiency,increase productivity, and improve the quality of life for people.

Innovation is at the heart of our designethos.

We constantly seek new technologies,materials, and approaches to create ground-breaking designs that push theboundaries of creativity and functionality.

At Homa, we embrace the notion that Designis a way of thinking.

We believe in continuous learning,curiosity, and exploration.

We strive to stay at the forefront ofdesign trends and developments, enabling us to create relevant,forward-thinking, and transformative designs.

Furthermore, World Industrial Design Day isalso an opportunity to raise public awareness about the importance of sustainable Design. With growingawareness of the environmental impact of our actions, it becomes increasinglycrucial to prioritise sustainable practices in Design.
Designing with sustainability in mind meansconsidering the lifecycle of products, choosing eco-friendly materials, andpromoting circular economy principles.
By highlighting the importance ofsustainable Design today, we aim to inspire individuals and businesses alike tomake conscious choices that benefit both people and the planet.

World Industrial Design Day serves as areminder of the transformative potential of Design. It showcases the innovativesolutions that arise when creativity, functionality, and sustainabilityintersect. It is a celebration of the designers and thinkers who contribute toshaping our world for the better, pushing boundaries, and envisioning a moreharmonious and sustainable future.

So, let's embrace the power of Design todrive change. Together, we can create a world where aesthetics, functionality,and sustainability coexist to improve lives, protect the environment, andfoster a brighter future for all.

Happy World Industrial Design Day!
Take Care and keep on dreaming of a betterworld.

Copyright HOMA 2023- Issued by Federico Rebaudo, General Manager at Homa Europe, July 2023
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