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This August, the first phase of our no-frost district, Factory#8 and Living Campus, has been completed. The production is expected to kick off at the end of 2023.

The second phase, Factory#9 and Logistic Centre are going to start construction at the end of 2023, together with completed buildings, the whole district is expected to be one of the largest poly-functional hubs in southern China.


As the most automated production plant in Homa history, the new Factory#8 will expand our annual production capacity to a new level of 16 million units, with a focus on big-size & no-frost products, including Four Door, Side-by-side, French door, and wide Upright over 400-litre capacity.

With over 400 million CNY invested for the first phase production line, it will bring volumes, efficiency and state-of-the-art technology to every product.


Our new district embodies a pivotal step in Homa's production, offering a fresh haven where FOOD PRESERVATION, DESIGN, and CARE will find a new perfect home.

Main Structure Rendering

It is a contemporary industrial complex. These structures are interconnected by passageways, vividly adorned in the distinctive orange shade—the hue encapsulating Homa's passionate narrative about CARE. As we're fond of affirming, our avenue to excellence lies in innovative cooling appliances emerging from a thoughtful DESIGN thinking process and our unwavering commitment to delivering the best FOOD PRESERVATION. This is the new home where the heart and soul of our dedication will be stronger.

Let’s go inside to discover more details with our unchanged spirits:
• A Riverside Living Campus with sports & reading recreational facilities, to enhance our staff’s living quality.
• We maintain our sustainable attitude in planning and construction, like clean power and waste management, to reduce our impact on the environment.
• The outside routes are carefully designed where vehicles and pedestrians are separated, to ensure safety and transport efficiency.
• We are going to apply clear signage design throughout the whole district, and inside the production area, we will launch a digital tour system, to bring you a smart and pleasant visit experience.

Riverside Campus Rendering

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