THE GENTLE GIANTS: An interview with Federico Rebaudo, Head of Homa Appliances European Office Part.2

How do you know what technology works for you and when to introduce it?

The timely introduction of relevant technology is the foundation of our long term strategy. We know a technology is relevant with respect to consumers' aspirations and needs through the constant dialogue with our clients and partners. It’s in our soul. Listening and sharing are timeless skills that will take you a long way in understanding the market. As for the concept of timing, the right time seldom means fast, or first, but more often corresponds to the “time of opportunity”, the Kairos of the ancient Greeks, i.e. when a technology is totally reliable and the market is ready for it as it can really make a difference in terms of customer experience. That, for us, is the precise moment when we want to introduce a technology on a mass scale. Exclusive, and accessible to all.

Tell us about Homa’s vision and mission, and how you create value.

As a corporation, we’ve abandoned the old terminology of vision and mission you find on boardroom walls, collecting dust in their golden frames. We’d rather find some other way of defining the essence and the purpose of our business, and talk about our soul. Our global scale and reach, the beautiful products we manufacture for our clients, our way of caring and of being part of our clients' team, and our belief that people and relationships are the key ingredients to our success: this is what defines us. This is what guides us in every business decision we take every day. Yes, like everyone else, we are in business to create shareholder value, but we know that this requires satisfying stakeholders, starting with our clients and their customer's. Value is therefore a natural consequence of our ability to deliver on our unique and different proposition.

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