Homa's No-Frost Refrigerator is Debuted in Canton Fair

The 1st phrase of 113th Canton Fair,China’s most prestigious trade show, has finally lowered the curtain on 19th April. Homa’s new product, the no-frost and side-by-side refrigerator FF2-66, has been debuted in the fair and caught attention from foreign buyers.

Large capacity, no-frost design and electronic temperature control are definitely the key words of this new product.The refrigerator is developed by Korean and Japanese engineers. The application of no frost air cooling technology, multi and DynaCool air flow system as well as electronic temperature control with LED display has soon raised great interest of buyers.

“When the global market is seeing a trend of large capacity and no-frost design products, the presentation of FF2-66 will be an important step for Homa to gradually penetrate the high-end market.” Said Charles Zhao, Homa’s General Manager of Emerging Market Division.

In addition to new products, Homa has also announced that once again she has ranked the No.1 refrigerator exporter in China, with over 10% market share in 2012 marking the 4th consecutive year. Given the scenario of increase in the first quarter, and the buyer feedbacks at Canton Fair, Homa expects stable growth for refrigerator exports in 2013.