Understanding global changes through the lens of the evolution of domestic cooling appliances.

As the principal piece of furniture in the kitchen, the refrigerator is the domestic appliance that better lends itself to the interpretation of the current changes in society, also because of its sophisticated design and its use of latest-generation materials and technologies.

The fridge revolution is synonymous with total respect for food, with stylish design and advanced connectivity. All this with expanding capacities and higher-than-ever levels of efficiency. 2021 will go down in history as the year of the multi-door, which is rapidly replacing single and double door models.

Consumers around the world are privileging models capable of holding larger quantities of food while providing additional advantages too: a modular internal architecture, lower electricity consumption and reduced food waste thanks to technologies able to considerably extend the life of fresh produce.

Based on different cooling systems and storage compartments, latest-generation refrigerators offer the possibility to create different microclimates adapted to the various types of food, packaging or recipes. All the research in the field points at connectivity and voice technology as leading the evolution of cooling appliances in the coming future. A trend which seems already underway in the “smart” market, with numbers definitely on the uprise. The Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth and Change to 2030 estimates its growth at 2.5 billion dollars in 2020 and 2.9 billion dollars in 2021. The forecast is for it to reach and exceed 4.5 billion dollars by 2025.


A market research by Nielsen shows that the capability to preserve fresh produce for longer has gained considerable and renewed relevance for American consumers during the pandemic. Sales of fresh fruit and vegetables have increased by 5% and 10% respectively compared to 2019.


Ice cubes galore

Ice makers are here to stay. In the future we should expect more and more ice, produced more and more quickly. Recent research shows that every American uses up to 180 kg of ice every year.The latest hype in ice-cubes is… round cubes! Or rather, spherical ones: the shape is meant to minimise the contact surface with the liquid so that the icicle doesn’t melt so fast in your drink, which also stays cool for longer.

Ethylene filters

Another novelty is the filter getting rid of ethylene and other gases naturally produced by fresh fruit and vegetables, keeping them fresher for longer. Such filters are also meant to prevent unwanted odours from contaminating other foods stored in the fridge.

Convertible box

Among the most recent innovations, controlled temperature boxes make for a better management of supplies according to the specific needs of the items they hold, keeping food fresh for longer and avoiding contamination.

Transparent doors

See-through doors are becoming increasingly mainstream. The concept is very simple: you can check the content of your fridge without opening it, effectively reducing the number of times you actually open it and helping maintain even temperatures. The use of glass doors will also impact smart displays, which will become transparent and with augmented reality functionalities to provide all kinds of information about the food items inside the refrigerator, from expiry dates to possible recipes for your next dinner party, which the fridge can even help you plan and organise.

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