This year Homa is turning 20!

A celebrative occasion with our logistic partners, was held as a highlight of Homa’s 20th Anniversary on 16th December, at Nansha Port, Guangzhou.

Our CEO Michael Yao, shares Homa’s innovation on logistics reliability, efficiency, and diversity for our customers.

As we often repeat ourselves, born as ODM specialist, "Care & Share" is Homa’s deep essence. Our emotional slogan “We Take Care with Your Dreams”, saying that Homa has remained true since foundation, serving our clients’ needs and caring for their aspirations.

Beyond our magic white box, now we put the slogan text on our customised containers, to demonstrate our unique values, and our authentic identity.

The 2022 business should never escape the topic of “sea freight”. With the scenario that logistics is playing a more and more important role in global cooling, as industrial leader Homa always keeps improving our logistics capability under the new normal.

Developing strategic partnership with leading shipping companies is one of our significant actions to expand the diversity of logistics options.

We also introduce China Railway Express as a new land transport option which improves delivery efficiency by 1/3 compared with maritime transport;

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification also brings delivery efficiency and tariff incentives to our global partners.

Homa also work closely together with Guangzhou Port Group and shipping companies to improve route-planning as well as prepping for a transition to more sustainable fuel options, in order to improve fuel efficiency and pursue green shipping.

Overall, Homa is in sync with evolving global trends to develop a strong partnership and provide you with the best value-based solutions.

In Homa’s 20 years of history, we have never stopped growing, investing, and bringing a win-win situation to our global customers, to be your ideal supplier of choice.

We will revitalize our role as ODM specialist, by keeping big investments, with a focus on design differentiation, energy-saving technology, production efficiency, service, logistic support, and sustainability.

Nevertheless, with all those trustworthy and reliable partners with us, we firmly believe Homa will survive all the challenges in the future and grow together with you.

20 years of Homa, 20 years of CARE and SHARE.

As always, we will continue to listen to you in our shared future.