3 Rumours You Meet before Buying a 4-Door Refrigerator

The 4-door refrigerator has become the mainstream type of refrigerator in most households because of more food storage compartments and spacious interiors, compared with the traditional top-freezer or side-by-side models. However, there are some stereotypes about this kind of product. People would consider whether it is a great investment or not. So, the theme of this article is to break with the top 3 rumors surrounding these refrigerators and to present the facts to help you make an informed decision. Please continue reading!

Rumor No. 1: 4-Door Refrigerators Consume More Energy

One of the most prevalent rumors about 4-door refrigerators is that they consume more energy compared to other refrigerator types. This rumor stems from the belief that having additional doors means more heat exchange and, thus, higher energy bills. However, the energy consumption of a 4-door refrigerator mostly depends on the following factors:
• Technological Advancement
4-door refrigerator models these days feature advanced insulation and energy-saving technologies like humidity controls, auto-shut-off doors, and precision cooling systems that utilize energy efficiently.
• Usage Pattern
While 4-door models have increased capacity, average households are unlikely to open all doors simultaneously for multiple food items. Thus, the total heat exchange remains comparable to a 2-door model of similar capacity.
• Energy Label
All appliances come with an energy consumption rating. If you worry about too much energy consumption by a 4-door refrigerator, check the energy label carefully. Some premium brands with inverter compressors and other innovations consume even less energy. As a result, the energy label often falls on B or A under the standard of the European Union Energy Label.

Rumor No.2: 4-Door Refrigerators Are Too Noisy

Another common concern about 4-door refrigerators is that they operate loudly. However, the noise perception is often misleading. Reasons why people believe in this rumor include:
• Size
The larger cabinets and increased storage capacity of 4-door refrigerator models lead some customers to assume that there will be more moving components, machinery, and mechanical parts inside due to the amplified size. This increased internal complexity, they fear, could translate to louder noise levels and vibrations compared to smaller refrigerators.
• Sign of Bad Quality
Some people interpret even minor occasional humming sounds or gentle vibrations produced from their 4-door refrigerator as indicators of faulty parts or subpar workmanship standards. So, the rumor begins again, and it casts an impression that 4-door refrigerators must be poorly designed or manufactured if normal operational noises can be heard on the inside.
However, these perceptions about 4-door refrigerator noise levels are misleading. In reality, even the subtlest hums and vibrations produced occasionally by a refrigerator are simply signs that all its components are fully functional. For example, when the ice maker is filling the water, there would be a little humming sound. But it is normal.

Rumor No. 3: 4-Door Refrigerators Mean More Frost

Another misconception among some buyers is that the multi-door design of 4-door refrigerators would inevitably lead to excess frost accumulation over time inside the compartments. However, the reality is quite different:
• Forest-Reduction System
Now, more and more home appliance brands incorporate superb forest-reduction systems in every corner of the 4-door refrigerator that regulate moisture separately, hence, reducing frosting.
• Multi-Cooling Zones
Compartments of modern 4-door refrigerator models are thermodynamically isolated to maintain independent temperatures and humidity levels tailored to each food group. This focused cooling lowers frost.
• Improved Air Circulation
New evaporator and fan designs of quality 4-door refrigerators optimize airflow patterns within sections. Together with smart sensors and inverters, they help ward off frost more efficiently compared to traditional units.
All the above-stated rumors about 4-door refrigerators being noisy, energy-guzzling appliances are simply untrue. The 4-door refrigerator is still one of the best types when you need a new fridge. And our Homa’s FF4-73 4-door refrigerator fits all of the facts above, which can give you an unprecedented refrigerator-using experience to become a great investment for your home.

Product Recommendation: Homa FF4-73 4-Door Refrigerator

Our Homa FF4-73, a flagship product within the Homa 4-Door Refrigerator line, consistently ranks among our top-selling appliances. It boasts cutting-edge AI Inverter System technology to ensure ultra-quiet and energy-efficient performance. Some of its key characteristics include:

• Less Noise and Less Energy by Centrifugal Motor+
The unique centrifugal fan design, an important component of the AI Inverter system, circulates air evenly inside cabinets while drawing significantly less energy compared to traditional ones. The fan motor operates smoothly without any vibration and automatically adjusts the fan speed with PWM Tech based on internal temperature variations, hence, keeping the refrigerator running quietly.
• No Frost by Multi-Air Cold Flow Management
Our Homa FF4-73 is a no-frost refrigerator. With our Multi-Air Cold Flow Management empowered by AI Inverter System, the 6 sections in this Homa refrigerator are chilled evenly and independently without mixing other odors or transferring temperatures to unbalance the humidity in the fridge.
• Accurate Temperature Control by AI Uni-Board Chip
Furthermore, the AI Inverter System is powered by an intelligent UNIboard® CPU, by which our Homa FF4-73 can analyze internal and external conditions to deliver precise, optimized cooling. This exclusive Homa’s chip monitors ambient weather data and follows the user settings to determine the most efficient cooling based on real-time usage patterns. It satisfies customers’ unique temperature desires, and meanwhile, it efficiently utilizes the energy to achieve sustainable goals.


Overall, customer would hear some rumors and misconceptions about the 4-door refrigerator. However, all of these rumors regarding noise, energy usage, and frost accumulation are unfounded. Technological innovations now allow these appliances to run silently and efficiently. As many 4-door refrigerators are on the market, our Homa appliances prove to be a worthy long-term investment with the latest technological advancement, the AI Inverter System, and certifications, along with strong after-sales support. This is why we have become the No.1 exporter among refrigerator manufacturers in China. If you are interested, please visit our Homa’s official website to get more information about your loved fridge!