Homa remained Top Refrigerator Exporter in the First 5 Months

Half of 2012 has passed and Homa manages it with consistently excellent performance by re-crowning itself the top refrigerator exporter in China.

The official report released by Chinese Custom shows that compared with the same period of last year, from January to May, Homa achieved an increase of 1.6% in export quantity and 9.39% in volume. Meanwhile, Germany, Britain, France, Netherlands and Japan are the major import countries of Homa’s products. It is noticeable that only in May Homa’ export quantity has reached 330,984 pieces, amounting to 12.2% of market share with a jump of more than 9% comparative growth. Among all the export products, the compression household refrigerators with capacities form 50 to 150 liters are the most popular.

Homa’s success is inextricably linked with her strategic cooperation with well-known brands and retailer groups worldwide.

Remaining its leading role in China's refrigerator export business, Homa will be always dedicated to quality stability, cost control and technology innovation, to maintain the most consistent business partner and leader in refrigerator industry.