Homa Shows Optimism on Refrigerator Export Next Year

With its symbolic sharp orange booth design and eye-catching promotion video, Homa made a fresh show-up at 112th Canton Fair with the latest and fashionable products.

The first phase of the 112st Canton Fair just ended last week. Influenced by the continuous European debt crisis and recession in foreign demand, most of the white appliances manufacturers expressed a negative approach for export next year. Despite seeing depression and instability of refrigeration industry, Homa still maintained her leading position and received lots of business inquiries at the fair. According to the latest report released by Chinese Custom, Homa has been doing an excellent job in production capacity and export volume in the last 8 months, maintain her position of top refrigerator exporter in China by selling over 2 million pcs aboard.

Most of the purchasers were impressed by the diversity of Homa’ products, among which the A+++ energy-saving high-end models have received most attention and become the star at Homa’s booth. Charles Zhao, General Manager of Emerging Market Division in Homa, presenting a positive attitude for Homa’s export business in the coming future and saying Homa will expand her global market share by launching new models of air-cooling and side-by-side refrigerators next year.