Homa Appliances Successfully Held the 10th Anniversary Celebrations

On 18th Oct, the No.1 refrigerator exporter in china, Homa Appliances has successfully held the 10th anniversary celebration on her day of establishment in Zhongshan City. Over 8 hundreds people including 110 guests have attended the celebration party and delivered their sincere greetings to the Homa family.

Homa’s President Mr. Cai Shier has made a speech on the celebration and showed his faith and objective of Homa’s development in the next decade. Meanwhile local dignitaries also sent their appreciation and expectations to Homa.

The celebration has been warm and fun, and it should be noted that there was an encouraging climax when the screen has showed the greeting messages sent by people around the nation through social media (via Internet and text message).

In sum, the 10th anniversary celebration has not only symbolized Homa’s success in the last decade, but also presented the Homa family’s determination of being excellent in refrigeration industry as always.