Homa is certificated the No.1 Refrigerator Exporter in China

On 19th March, Homa Appliances has been certificated the No.1 refrigerator exporter to global markets by Euromonitor International, at the 2013 Appliance World Expo in Shanghai.

As the largest refrigerator ODM supplier in the industry, Homa have just snatched her 4th consecutive victory for refrigerator export business, with 3 million pieces exported towards the global market. In addition, Homa has also conquered the European markets like Italy, France, Demark, and Sweden, which are regulated under the strictest energy consumption standards in the world.

“Being named the No.1 refrigerator exporter will definitely bring faith to our strategic partners and potential customers, driving Homa to keep making breakthroughs and offer more and more high quality and cost-effective products. ” Said Charles Zhao, Homas General Manager of Emerging Market Division.