Homa Maintains Leading Position on Online Sales in China

On June 13, Nantou Branch of Zhongshan E-commerce Association was formally established. Vice president of Homa Appliances, Michael Yao was nominated president of the branch. More than 30 enterprises in the town signed up for a membership.

Since Homa has entered the field of E-commerce, Homa maintains the leading position in refrigerator sales rankings among the eight largest online refrigerator providers in China like JD.com and Suningwith an online turnover of nearly 400 million RMB in just two years.

As president of the Nantou Branch, Michael Yao will lead Homa and other enterprises in town to integrate resources and to expand the market via the Internet. “I believe by optimizing the function design and cost-effectiveness of products, as well as the delivering service and out-of-box experience, we will see a positive growth on on-line sales in China.” said Michael Yao.