Homa Released New Freezer Product

Homa has released a new series of freezer product, officially declared to enter into freezer manufacturing field.

Due to consumer’s growing demand for storing meat and vegetables, market of freezers, as a supplement to refrigerators, are growing positively. A Freezer dedicated production line with high-efficiency equipment is now operating in Homa production base, and the annual production capacity of this line is expected to exceed 1 million units.

Meanwhile, Homa has also held a launching ceremony for its production capacity to reach 10 million units. By the end of 2013, the 30 millionth refrigerator was produced, showing Homa’s excellent manufacturing capability. Today, since the sixth plant is to be built, the overall production capacity will increase remarkably. Moreover, the new plant will adopt the most advanced design and technology from Korea, Germany and other developed countries, thus to enhance the production efficiency.

Homa has been constantly in pursuit of innovation in the field of home appliances. Not long after the launching of new series of refrigerator, Homa released the new series of freezer product. As the rising star in cooling industry, Homa has been growing at an ultra-high growth rate. Vice president Michael YAO states that “After reaching a production capacity of 10 million units, Homa is going to double its sales within 5 years.”