Homa Factory VI is Put into Production

In March, a newly-made side-by-side refrigerator has been launched from the 6th factory of Homa, which signifies the new factory has been officially put into production since it laid the foundation last year.

So far, Homa’s annual production capacity has reached 10 million units, such productivity takes the lead in the industry internationally. The new factory has imported plenty of advanced production equipment to further enhance production efficiency, as well as to meet the growing needs of global customers.

The 6th factory mainly consists of high-end refrigerator production lines and freezer production lines. The comprehensive annual production capacity of these lines is predicted to be 3.5 million units.

“Rising of productivity will further ensure Homa’s position as the No.1 refrigerator ODM supplier, while export of freezers is to be a new growth point for Homa.” Michael YAO, vice president of Homa puts.