One Million Exports in the First Quarter, Homa Holds the No.1

In the past three months, total exports of refrigerators in China are 6.6 million units. Homa accounts for 15.1% of the market share with 1 million exports.

The first quarter of 2015 witnesses the slow growth of refrigerator export market in China. Total exports only grow by 8.4%. Despite of this fact, export volume of Homa has grown by over 30%. Moreover, exports of Homa have been increased by more than 23% for 3 consecutive months.

On the other hand, total sales also slow down in China. Among the top 4 appliance corporation, Homa is the only one that increases positively. Total sales of Homa grow by 19.4% in the first quarter.

“We always have a clear vision: insisting on creating more attractive design, providing better products and services” Michael YAO, vice presidents of Homa puts.