Homa Side-by-Side is Rated Best Refrigerator by French Magazine

Homa side by side refrigerator has been ranked first in ratings conducted by Que Choisir *, a French consumer magazine.

According to the evaluation report, Homa side-by-side won the championship over 9 popular refrigerators sold in French market. It should be noted that the product has received especially high scores on features of structure design, functional performance, and temperature stability.

In fact, refrigerators manufactured by Homa have already won recognition of consumers and clients since its debut in the market. Homa has been the No.1 refrigerator exporter to Europe for 7 consecutive years. Seven tenths of refrigerators sold in European market are manufactured by Homa. In particular, sales in France are among the top three in European market.

* Que Choisir is a consumer magazine affiliated to the International Consumer Research and Testing Organization (ICRT). Each year, the organization will conduct thousands of product testing, and affect 30-40 million people through its publications all over the world.