Homa A top No.1 Refrigerator Exporter in Q1 with 1.21 Million Shipment

Homa continues to top as the no.1 refrigerator exporter in Q1 2017, recording a volume exceeding 1.21 million units and value of $0.11 billion, up 13.08% and 16.66% respectively year-on-year.

According to the Q1 report released by China’s custom, total export volume in China adds up to 7.81 million units, of which Homa makes a contribution of 15.5% of market share, over 0.22 million units ahead of the second. Notably, the top 5 refrigerator exporters has made up over 50% share of the total.

As a global leading player in cooling industry, Homa’s capability of high-end product design and manufacturing continues to grow. In 2016 our total no-frost series have made a dramatic sales growth of 283%. Keeping seeing this benefit in Q1 sales performance, Homa is going to launch more no-frost products such as cross four door and 80 cm-width top mount refrigerator in this fall.