Homa is Expecting its 9th Win in Export by Shipping 4.4 Million Units in the First 3 Quarters

From January to September, Homa sees acumulative export over 4.4 million units of refrigerator, continuing to top the list of in China. By accounting for 16.1% of the market share, and recording a sales growth of 13.9 % year-on-year, Homa is expecting its 9th win in refrigerator export.

China total refrigerator exports is recording a strong growth of 12.9%, historical peak in the recent 5 years. Top 10 players in China all sees a sales volume increase in the first nine months. It should be noted that sales volume of Homa have been risen by more than 25% for 3 consecutive months in the third quarter, maintaining a healthy growth with new products, efficiency and design innovations.