Homa Launches New Generation Side-by-Side

With long-term cooperation between R&D and manufacturing section, Homa team is supposed to invest 8 Million USD annually to refresh all platform design within period from 2018 to 2022.

As a great beginning of Homa’s Next 5-Year Plan, Homa unveiled a new model of Side-By-Side Refrigerator in 2018 Q4. The new item comes with more flexible room configuration, refined body and newly-designed interior setting, offering better visibility and more satisfying using experience to our global customers.

As before, innovation and aesthetics are still what we keep chasing for while doing production. In this case, our international backup networks about design, engineering and quality control do play an essential role in production innovation and efficiency improvement. In addition, we are also thankful for our clients’ feedback which helps us know more about our target market.

In the next 5 years for Homa’s cooling line, we may witness an overall priority adjustment from Basic Low-End Models to Large-Capacity High-End Models. Accordingly, Series of further positive measures would be taken to promote the new design-driven mass production implement, in which your ongoing support would be appreciated.