Homa Records Historical Peak of Sales Performance in 2018

In 2018 the company’s cooling business (excluding the financial sector from Homa) posted annual revenue of CNY 6,833 million and net profit of CNY 346 million, notably recording YoY growth of 53% and 70% respectively, which is a new historical peak during the past 16 years. Profit margin is remaining around stable 5%

The satisfying result of cooling business performance has attributed to the exportation business. Last year we record total global sales of 9 million units, of which 82% are made by oversea exportation. The total export volume is made by 6.4 million units of refrigerator and 1.6 million units of chest freezer, growing by 9% and 12% respectively.

In 2019 Homa Appliances continues to invest in excellence related to R&D, production efficiency, cost competitiveness and marketing support service, delivering the best in class cooling appliances with constant eye on design and innovation without compromise on quality.