Homa Remains to Achieve Good Results in 2019 Q1

In terms of refrigerator, Homa keeps the leader position thanks to the marked export volume of 1.48M units (33.3% up YOY), followed by export value of nearly USD 155.66M.

In the aspect of freezer, ranked the 5th, Homa attained export volume of 206K units ( 7.0% down YOY ), bring value of about USD 21.19M eventually. In general, with great collective contribution paid off, Homa is moving on while witnessing improvement in oversea business, looking forward to bigger rise in the next period.

As the precious words given by Shi’er CAI, Homa’s Founder and Chairman of the Board, “To us, the financial results we are presenting today are a lot more than numbers and charts. They are the measure of our resolve of our engagement and the extraordinary talent of the Homa people. “, Homa would remain true to the origin aspiration to keep going beyond with continuous participation in quality production, design optimization and global win-win cooperation.