MORE NEW BRICKS: Homa's New Industrial Set-up

Facing the boom in global demand, Homa is relentlessly investing in putting at your disposal a new and unique industrial set-up.

Three new significant clusters are going to launch:
- The “No-Frost District”, offering an annual capacity of 5 million units;
- The “Chest Freezer Base”, contributing annual capacity of 4.5 million units; - A Logistics Centre,covering 54,000 square metres like 14  soccer fields or 238 basketball fields, with 500,000 units storage capacity.

As a leading global OEM/ODM manufacturer, we face the challenge of change to meet the expectations of our international partners. These next big things “in brick and mortar” will definitely bring higher flexibility to Homa’s supplying capability.

Our target is to ad dress the growing needs of qualitative manufacturing and on-time delivery.