Homa Appliances is completely independent from an operations standpoint and take full
responsibility for our business.
Homa Appliances and our mother company, Homa Group act as:

- two distinct legal entities with distinct corporate governance

- two distinct operating platforms

- two distinct treasuries (asset and liability, finance and risk management)

Today as a reliable and trustable supplier for global business partners, we Homa
Appliances will:

- stick to our business strategy & keep the current business model

- keep investing in new products and production facilities as usual

- maintain the management team unchanged

Shareholder Structure

Homa Appliances Co., Ltd

Homa Group
  • Homa Appliances is 100% operated by the founding members
  • No management team member is involved from mother company and local government
We always like to repeat that our goal is to be "your supplier of choice"

Our vision is to become the best producer in the cooling industry. Our mission is to produce cooling appliances in the most competitive way.

Homa Appliances is and will remain an OEM/ODM producer. Always a solid ally, never a competitor, for our clients’ brands worldwide.

Official Updates

We are in the middle of pandemic and adapting the next normal.

As your industrial partner, we intend to inform you the Homa Appliances recent changes, with a timely and transparent attitude.


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