CEO Speech

CEO Speech

Welcome to Homa Legacy

Homa Event now goes beyond the concept of party,
becoming a celebrative legacy for us.
Year by year, we are gathered,
to enjoy the night of connecting, sharing and dreaming.

The Power of Harmony

Harmony is nature's universal language.

It governs the rules of all things material,

but also our emotions.

For Homa harmony means taking care,

preserving food just the way nature would,

and delivering amazing design,

fully connected to modern living.

We Take Care of Your Dreams

Like many great careers, the Homa story also started from a dream.
Full of passion, we stay true to our commitment:
providing the most competitive cooling solutions for you.
It is not easy to make our dream come true.
During this remarkable journey,
we are always here with you.

Homa Lifestyle People

Each and every one of us, has a unique personality,

with dreams and aspirations and a lifestyle.

Homa strive to design and manufacture products,

that will not only adapt to people's lifestyles,

while respecting the brand identity of our clients across the world.

Beyond the Big Size

When we understand and embrace diverse lifestyles,
we diliver and embrace diverse solutions.
Now we have a bigger ever new chapter in every category of its own.
With innovative and meaningful design,
we make the big size beyond the big size.