The Way We Change

We constantly change, not to change.
We, Homa, continue to serve your individual needs.
We value the relationships we have built throughout our 20-year long history.
They’re as strong and deep today as they were on the first day.
This is for our shared future.

Ode To Imagination

Dive into the infinite potential of HUMAN IMAGINATION.
We are your supplier of choice.
Our mission is to manufacture your cooling appliances in the most competitive way and provide the best-ever seamless B2B experience.
Human Imagination is fuelling our magic.

FF2-690IM Premium Ice Making Experience

With the best possible ice maker in its category, the Homa “Ice Maker” is fast, reliable, innovative design, easy to clean and can produce flexible ice, crushed or cubed.

Enjoy easy happy party gathering at home with quality icy drinks.

FF2-800 Food Theatre Experience

With our imagination to the future, today we launch our first iconic new product, the giant side by side which supports your better organisation, less shopping frequency, more free time, with meaningful technologies to be the best stage for all kinds of food.

H+ Concept: The Search for Trust

H like Human, H like Home, H like... Homa.
We are introducing H+, the evolution of Homa's digital experience.
H+ is a revolutionary B2B bouquet of services we prepared exclusively for you.
HOMA's digital Human Touch.

Essence of Our Talent

Talents lie in our vision, our craftsmanship, and our experience.
For 20 years, our best endeavor has been to become your supplier of choice.
This is how we show our capability of being both refined craftsmen chiselling personalised products for individual customers and an industrial giant able to deliver on costs, volumes and technology.

Homa ESG: The Voice of Our Planet

Homa grows by listening to customer’s voices, finding solutions for you. Today, we realize that we have another important voice to listen carefully, the planet.

We start from our products, how we design, how we make, how to ship, how to recycle and the user reliability.

Homa Team Greetings: Prospering Together

People are the most important asset of Homa, who bring sunshine for the prospering future.

Representing the Homa family, I would like to share some message from them.

They miss you, friends, close or remote, and no matter what happen in the future, they are great people who believe in the beauty of dreams.