2018 Autumn Canton Fair: Homa Celebrates the 10-Year Champion Record

On Oct.16, 2018, holding a gathering banquet as a tradition, Homa celebrated THE FIRST 10 YEARS recording refrigerator export champion with the esteemed guests.

Some impressive business data was highlighted in this big event: Throughout the period from 2008 to 2018, Homa has achieved growth of 209% (from 2.2B CNY to 6.8B CNY) in turnover, greatly owing to 200% increasing (from 2.4M to 7.2M units) in export volume. In terms of export volume, Homa enjoys a market share of 19% for refrigerator and 6.5% for freezer.

On the road towards champion, the consistent support from our trustworthy partners do deserve our gratitude. With the incoming issues like trade conflicts and material price fluctuation, 2019 is purposed to be more challenging. Aiming at exporting 9.5 M units of products in 2019, Homa would spare no effort in improving quality and efficiency in product output, offering one-stop solutions to the global customers. Based on our continuous inter-connected collaboration, 2019 is believed to be a new starting for the NEXT 10 YEARS.